Sunday, September 10

The definitive guide to Belgium

This A - Z tickled me; it includes a tremendous summary of the role of witloof..

"A curious bitter vegetable that is positively venerated by Belgians. Surprisingly good in soup, but best drenched in cheese and baked thoroughly. Adoration of this vegetable reaches its peak during the winter season, when crowds can be season inspecting and sniffing candidate purchases at market places. Referred to as "chicory" in other countries and usually fed to pigs."

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pittstop designer said...

Hey remind me to take a picture of Hanoi's second Belgian restaurant which is either Janneke Pis or Manneken Pis, not sure as I drove past rather fast. Either way I'd wager there's not much belgian about it other than the name. The first, is le Pot Des belges. They serve Belgian stodge and expensive bottled Belgian beer... in fact a few places serve Belgian beer. Duvel, Chimay, Westmalle and even bierre blanche. a few friends got drunk the other night, in fact they got hammered, the damage had been done by a couple of Chimay and Duvel. I sympathised. Even van Damme would have.