Thursday, April 19


Belgian punk rockers T.C.Matic once sang 'Oh-la-la-la'. It is a song title that is conspicuously absent from this, frankly mental, website for a Brussels hotel.

Take a look.

For those of you who have stumbled upon this site while googling Brussels' hotels, then today would appear to be your lucky day.

It appears that, particularly if you resemble Steve Martin, you'll be met at reception by a sexy woman quoting song titles and then you'll partake in some ooh-la-la in a fancy white room.

As T.C.Matic also said: putain, putain, c'est vachement bien.

Friday, April 6

Old Europe

Donald Rumsfeld may be gone but Old Europe appears to be alive and well in the minds of some other US opinion formers. Dan Bilefsky of The International Herald Tribune has headed to Aarschot and returned with a piece entitled Pining for power, modern Belgians return to the Middle Ages

Apparently..."Across this country of 10 million, a growing number of Belgians are trading in their jeans for suits of armor. They are rubbing stones together to make fire, eating their dinners out of cauldrons, re-enacting heroic battles and participating in mock hangings."

I know a fair few people who have visited the Rubens museum but has anybody noticed any of this slightly more extreme sort of carry on? Has it really become a "national passion"?

Tuesday, April 3

Never Never Land

I do not intend to become a repository for youtube clips so i promise i will try to write something original in the not too distant. In the meantime, a reminder that sometimes it is good when promises are broken...

Monday, April 2

Lost in Translation

this could liven up a few of those European Parliament debates....