Saturday, September 15

Lessons Learned

A world record was broken at the Memorial Van Damme athletics meet last night in the Heizel Stadium, Brussels. Meseret Defar ran the 2 mile in a time of 8:58.58.

It is an improbable story. Defar arrived in Brussels from Addis Ababa only the day before the race having, wait for it, taken part in Ethiopia’s millennium celebrations on Tuesday evening.

More improbable, in a stadium which saw 39 football fans crushed to death in 1985, was the following:

“Jupiler Blue offers every single spectator of the crowd of 47000 a free Jupiler Blue should a world record be broken at the Memorial Van Damme on 14 September 2007.

As soon as a world record has been broken the audience can collect their free Jupiler Blue at the bars.”

I hope the queue was orderly.

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