Saturday, August 19

the one in which the witloof attempts to interact with his three readers

is there anything you would like to know about belgium?
or anything about the EU?

just ask the witfool (sic)
and see if he can answer you.


pittstop designer said...

I would like to know more about the Turkish dance ritual in Brussels. My friend recently travelled there and was asked twice - in the space of five minutes - to dance with very friendly locals. When he noticed his wallet was gone - mid action - he accused the latter of pickpocketing him only to realise that the former had already taken it five minutes beforehand.

Has the Witloof ever been asked to dance?

Hercé said...

did your friend just have a few coppers and a johnny with a best before date in 1998 left in his wallet? If so, forward his address and i will send them on.